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Friday, August 3, 2012

The three giraffes

Once upon a time there were, somewhere  in Africa,  three giraffes named Jeena, Tabea and Makuca. They were very friendly and spent all day playing together and having fun.One day, the three giraffes went to the river to drink and rest for a little. Makuca, on their way to the rriver had a thorn entered in the paw and fell behind! She shouted her friends  to continue the march because she would follow them later on.
On the river, however, a nasty surprise was waiting for the unsuspecting giraffes. A Portuguese, named Captain  José wanted to catch them to perform in circuses. He, without realizing that Makuca had  remained behind,  took Jeena and Tabea and brought them into Europe. Makuca, after having removed off  the plug from her pawn, came to the river just in time to see her friends who were taken away by Captain Jose's  van. Jeena and Tabea greeted her crying, advising her to go back. Makuca   felt very sad without her friends. The winters were always colder in the bush and to get food was increasingly difficult. One day, Makuka, seeing Capitan Jose searching for other animals to perform  for circuses, asked him to take her to Europe, 'cause she was so longing to see her friends again. Capitain Josè, even though he  saw the unhappy giraffe emaciated and sad,   decided to take her to Europe. Makuca recognized the truck where she had seen  her friends and  had her  heart full of hope  to revise them. Meanwhile, thanks to the care and the food they gave her, Makuca recovered and became a giraffe admired by all children and adults who went to visit the animals in the circus. Wandering the circus was able to discover that Jeena and Tabea were in the circus Saturn. Then Makuka asked Captain Jose to join her friends and when she had  found them, told them her adventures and how her life had become hard in the bush. Then the three giraffes decided to accept their life in the circus and they lived happy and sactisfied for many years more.

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