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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Poem of Creation

Realized since then Adam and Eve to stay
 naked with shame, and they wore like a shield
fig leaves to be To protected since that day
Covering their bodies  in the bloom field!
“Where are you ? Why are you walking away
From me?” asked to Adam God, who’ll wield
Forever human‘s fate. Eve confirmed
that because of the snake eaten they had!

In fact the Holy  Lord said to the snake:
“Because of  what you ‘ve done,  cursed are you;
Above wild animals, and I will make
You eating the dust for all your life through
Upon your belly, unable to shake
Your arts! Your head’ll crash you the woman to
whom  hostile I will make you and her heel
One day you’ll try to injure for such appeal! 

He said to the woman: “I'll multiply
your pains during your pregnanciness
and forwards your husband I'll modify
 your instinct, but you'll be dominionless
 on him!” To man God said the soil by:
any means will give you food  unless
through  sweat on your face. That will be a must
‘cause you are dust and you’ll return to dust!

... to be continued...

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