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Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't disturb Lord Byron

From time to time I receive e-mails from various publishers and/or editors who offer me to publish my works, qualified as interesting and suitable to be read and published.

Of course they ask me to pay a sort of contribute to the expenses (truely is not just a contribute they ask you to pay, but such an amount of money enough to cover the mere expenses plast an additional for their own profit).

In front of my perplexities they assure me that even great writers from the past started their career publishing their first books on their expenses. And they quote Kipling, Dumas, Byron and other unreachable writers from the past.

I thank you them very much but may be would sign their contracts (I underline may be) if they did not disturb the quiet rest of those great writers, unreachable for anyone, even of mother English language.

I don't dare to be compared not even with great or medium Italian writers (which is my first language) and I do understand Poetry is not great business for publishers today.

But if any of them really wants to edit my novels (I mean, only those I am translating form Italian into English) he must be ready to risk on his own. Otherwise it means that my novel is not worth to be published (on paper). Nevertheless I'll keep publishing it on this blog on line.

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