last moon

mercoledì 21 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 3

Mystery of my love


I have never loved,

   since never  loved me

the women I loved

and I didn't love

those who tried to love me!



I  first pursued

Impossible loves,

and when the overwhelming body

 forced me, I loved,

but it was not love;

it surely   was sweet discovery of pleasure,

flesh into flesh, fire with fire

fury subsided into the abyss of life;

but it was not love.



Neither  was love

the spasm which I waited

to see the air been colored  

by your forms,

when it was enough for me

to feel your presence

ethereal and impalpable, although present,

yet not mine

and it was not love.


I'm  so still in search of you, sublime,

decanted love.

Who are you fleeting present of God?

Are you for all of us or just for a few?

Do you really exist oh my Elem?

Are you a catcher of   hearts and reason?

Real or unreal?

Liar or truthful?



I'm still seeking of you,

poignant love

unveiled eyes,

flying mate,

slave and mistress,

mother and lover,

mystery of life!

domenica 18 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 2

Offending silence words


Whirl sounds arise from

the hollow meanderings of men;





floating in the vacuity

of mind's precipices;

offending silence words!

mercoledì 14 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 1

Alone in the trembling night


When the vagueness of illusion

It is no longer day

In the shadow of the flame

I expect you to reach me

From undefined directions

Through the countless paths

That lead from soul to soul.

I wonder if a heart beats with mine!

But I am lonely

In the trembling night.


domenica 11 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 8

Lonely is passing another day


Lonely is passing another day

while the sun is trying to breach down the sky

 on its way to the other side of the earth

I ask myself. “Why do we have to suffer?”


Loner I’m passing another day

Over my restless soul

With no certain direction

And I ask myself:

“What I am looking for?”


Lonely is passing another day

And I fear the unknown

And I don’t fight for money

And I don’t fight for love

and I ask myself:

“Why don’t I leave

For the infinity ways

Lay aside on the world?”

Loner I’m passing another day

In Sardinia February 1984



giovedì 8 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 7

For   my brother's death Peter Marino

You're back to your mystery

After crossing a desert

of loneliness;

you were too generous

to share your sorrows with others

and  you've never known love.

Now the dawn of silence

 separates us forever;

and only prayers

remain to me

to thank you

for what you have been.

domenica 4 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 6

The path of no return


Without any spasm proceeds my existence

In this mountain’s corner,

while the wind whistles peace all around!

It would be easy to join his melodious breath

if only I could forget

 the world I come from!

I'm tired of my anguished heart

Of this absurd life!

But how can I forget

These birds of death

Circling over our heads

volcanoes of war

surrounding as a powder magazine

at the mercy of the powerful?














And when the sky embraces

the retreating sun,

a shining ring

charming and desperate

 leads me to wonder

if man has not already taken

a path of no return.



venerdì 2 febbraio 2024

Echoes from a sad soul - 5

I don’t know


I don't know Elem

if you show your nudity

for money, for hedonism

or for shallow pleasure


But I know

I took delight

at your performance

for my own shame

As a matter of fact

we are a mere body

so, your turpitude

is my turpitude

in the cosmic unity

of our soul.