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Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 things to do during a heat wave

What's good for kids it's good also for elderly. It's really funny how a man, getting older, returns a sort of a child.
I'm sorry, but I'm going out of tune. 
As matter of fact I wanted to underline that sometimes  you go to visit a blog which is meant to be devoted to children's matters, and though you are not properly a kid, nevertheless you can find some useful advices even for your self.
That's what happened to me reading an article by Debbie Denard at ( please see the link below).
It's a blog devoted to matters about childcare, but reading the interesting article above mentioned, on how to behave during a heat wave, you'll find interesting advices yet you are an adult.
If you don't believe me just take a free look and make sure by yourself.

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