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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Please shine on me

I just want the sun shining on me.

Can't you see I had to wear my wellies to protect my self from the rain?

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The piglet shielded from muck in miserable weather

Clive the teacup piglet might have been happier without the wellies, since his kind are partial to puddles.

This little piggy made sure to protect himself from the wet weather in some red wellies

Thunderstorms rumbled above East Anglia and the East Midlands, with more than an inch of rain falling in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Devon in less than an hour. Lighter rain is set to linger over Britain until the weekend.
Blue tit

Torrential rain left this blue tit bedraggled as its non stop search for food for its babies can't stop just because of the weather

Temperatures will remain average, with highs of 72f (22c) and lows of 50f (10c).

Clive, also known as a micro pig, was dressed up by his breeders at Pennywell Farm, Devon. They said it was all part of the play process for the little animals.

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