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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The life of great hero Giuseppe Garibaldi - 11th Part

It is impossible for these men to remain in the Republic, the Austrians also impose strict conditions to their exit; for Garibaldi they are unacceptable. His wife Anita, who joined him in Rome on June 26 and has chosen to follow in his fight, dressed as a man, falls ill. Nevertheless, with 200 men, he decided to join Venice still resisting the Austrian army.

On August 2, 1849, Garibaldi seizes, in Cesenatico, 13 fishing boats to reach with his men, who fell Venice on July 22. On August 3, during the attack of an Austrian brigantine, eight boats fell to the Austrians, 162 legionnaires were captured, a number is executed. Garibaldi docks in one of the islands in the lagoon of Comacchio. The health status of Anita worsened, they join a fisherman's cottage, where she died on August 4 and is buried there.

 The same night he hit the road to reach the Kingdom of Sardinia. After a long journey, September 5, he reached Chiavari, Liguria.

La Marmora, special commissioner in Genoa in the kingdom of Sardinia, anxious to make politically harmless Garibaldi, had him arrested. Authorities inform him that they want him to leave the territory, which he accepts after realizing in Nice with his family. On 16 September he sailed for Tunis who refuses, then Cagliari, the archipelago of La Maddalena, before reaching Gibraltar, November 14, at Tangier. He resumed writing his memoirs, begun at La Maddalena and after a few months, June 27, 1850, he moved to New York hoping to resume his duties as a seaman. Until March 1851, he worked in the factory of candles of Antonio Meucci, known for inventing the telephone before Alexander Graham Bell. He leaves for Peru to engage as a captain in the Navy and traveling the world. In January 1852, he obtained citizenship and the Peruvian vessel command Carmen, with whom he went to China and then sell the guano he went to Manila and Australia. In January 1853 he is in Lima and back in Boston on September 6 and then to New York where he is stepping down as captain because of a financial disagreement with the owner. His mother died March 20, 1852.

January 16, 1854, Garibaldi,  sailed from Baltimore. He arrived in London on February 11 where he met Mazzini. Mazzini has in mind to send Garibaldi in Sicily he feels ready for insurrection. However Garibaldi does not intend to get involved in an adventure compromised from the outset, and wishes to endorse his action by recognized authorities. In February 1854 he told the Russian revolutionary Alexander Herzen, exiled in London, as against an organized army and equipped like that of France or Austria,  an army well equipped is  required, as he gives his support Kingdom of Sardinia.On May 6, Garibaldi sails  from Newcastle to Genoa. The disagreement between Mazzini and Garibaldi is made public by the press and it ends up taking his distance.

Back to Italy, he moved to Nice before buying, in December 1855, half of the island of Caprera (Sardinia island in the archipelago of Maddalena) for the price of 35,000 lire from the inheritance he received after the death of his brother Felice. He began building a house with friends, then he resumed his seafaring. He commanded a ship Sardinian, Salvatore. In 1857 he moved to Caprera, where he is a farmer, blacksmith and farmer, with olive trees and vineyards.

In 1865, his admirers will buy the rest of the island.

... to be continued...

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