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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Waiting for parity

In your life you can be what you want.
You can be a dreamer, waiting for the ideal world to come or you can be a money maker, a business man, applying your knowledge to increase your incomes.
Of course most depends on the opportunities that someone calls the fate or the destiny.
If you were born in a rich family which starts you to economic studies; if your father is a millionaire who already knows the way to make money is more likely you become a money maker on your turn.
It's easier to be a dreamer when you belong to the land of dreamers; i mean that if your background is class working is most likely you become a dreamer, fighting for more equal distribution of the national richness or national income.
Nevertheless i believe that everyono has got inside some instances of equality which lead him toward a certain direction.
I mean that if someone believes all the men are equal in fornt of God, and of course believes in _God, unlikely he'll be spending his life or setting up his own time just to make money.

Of course being  a dreamer does not mean you are a stupid or a silly man.
I mean tha t the fact you haven't sold your soul in the temples of business it does not mean you are not able to cdhoose the right moves to improve your life and the life of those who depend upon you.
 For instance, if you want to buy a house in London you  better wait until the prices go down, as they are expected to do in the next years. And if you need to sell a property in Europe and its price go up when you sell it;  and if you want to change the euros income into pounds; and the pound gets the parity with the european currency when you exchange them with the pounds, well, all that is pure fortune, not skill for sure!
Eventually I believe that fortune plays a great role in your life; may be more than that 50% is believed to play by common beliefs.

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