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Saturday, March 26, 2016


Meanwhile sterling has slid to its lowest lever against the dollar in the last seven years. And many big companies in Britain have expressed the choose to remain in. These are part of the result for fearing Brexit.
It's useless to say the the political destiny of Mr Cameron is now in the polls. 
It's very hard to imagine his staying still in Dowining street if he looses his campaign for UK remaining in the European Union.
Now the debate between the two parties, pro Brexit and against, is getting warmer.
The Brexiters say UK will become greater again out of the European club. They also add that economic adavantages can be provided by bilateral agreements as many other countries have done with the EU; and they quote Canada, South Korea, India, China and many others.
Nevertheless observers note that bilateral economic treaties might not work the same with Great Britain. Furthermore there is much more involving of EU in the fight against terrorism that Britain could not achieve on its own.
It seems to me that most of the Brexiters issues are only nothing but a nostalgic dream over a greatness which can be reached only staying inside the European Union.
And this is woth also for France and Germany.
But the road for an integrated political EU is still hard; just paved with good intentions, at the very moment.
I still believe, none the same, the European Union has a great future: with or without English people.
3. the end.

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