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Sunday, March 13, 2016


The referendum which will ask all British people to express if they want to stay in the European Union or not has been called by Premier  D. Cameron for June 23rd (it will be on a thursday).
The voters have to say if on their opinion is better for UK to proceed on Its own through the enigmatic and crucial challenges  this epoch of globalisation is putting forward the western states, specially the more advanced and reachest, including the mass of poor people moving from Asia and Africa on the routes of a search of a better life.
Though Great Britain has an important political and economic background, mostly due to its colonial heritage, it's a relatively small country compared with the emerging colusses such as China, India and Brazil.
I'm personally convinced that the European Union must tighten its politic bonds to form a stronger political union capable to face the increasing and rising economies of the globalized new world.
Nevertheless, though I'm fond of the British culture (both of english and scottish and even of Irish), I've alawys seen London very uncertain on the path of European integration.
And I could say the same for Paris (of course for different reasons from Great Britain).
But now we are coming to a turning point.
I see on the next future a double scenario: if Great Britain decides to go out, the other partner will probably tighten closely trying to find new strengh and new reasons to stay together; if, vice versa, British voters call for staying also in this case the other partners will ask Great Britain to abandon its hesitation, which has often trespassed into ambiguity.
1. to be coninued...

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