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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taking care of our planet

Taking care of our planet: the things we can all do to help.

Each one of us can do  little things you can do every day to help reduce western countries’  impact on the environment. As somebody has wisely said before me, we must keep in mind that we borrow the Earth from our ancestors and we are obliged to preserve it for the future generations.

So  here I write down five  things we can do on respect of what does not belong to us.

1)      Save  water. When we take a  shower, let’s try to close the water while brushing ourselves or while shampooing.
2)      Let’s do  carsharing or take a train to go to work. And let’s cover little distances going on foot instead of taking the car (my father used to say that some people, if they could, would go by car even to the toilet).
3)      Let’s recycle. It’s very important to collect the rubbish in different bins, according to the materials they are made of: glass, paper, plastic, organic stuff and so on.
4)      Let’s try to drive slow when we drive the car. We can save a lot of fuel going at a moderate speed (let’s say at maximum 90 kilometer per hour).
5)      Let’s turn off the lights during the day and when don’t need them. Very often we turn on television and lights in different rooms of our home. That’s a mistake. Even leaving the so called stand-by lights implies a great decrease of energy and a waste of money; consequently this means more pollution and damage to the environment.

Of course there are many other ways of preserving the environment with wise and prudential behavior but if anyone of us respected just five of them the planet would be more easily preserved for future generations.

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