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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Brexit -2

Britons already voted once the same issue in 1975, but that was another EU. At that time EU was still formed by only 9 members and the strict laces which today smother number 10 Downing were yet to come.
Today EU it's more bound to run after the six founder's dream: to become a federation of states with increasing power to the centre and less margins of sovereignity to the single states.
It's this the major worry of conservative's brexiters and fundamentally almost all the average  English media class people.
But pay attention please! We are talking of English people only!
And here start Mr Cameron politic ploblems involved with the poll appointment in june!
Scots have already claimed the call of new referendum to leave the British Union if Brexiters win! And same have made the Northern Irish which threats the reunification with Dublin's  Republic if Brexiters will be the majority.
And another  great amount of problems are coming for mr Cameron on the financial  and economic side both inside and outside the British borders.

2. to be continued...

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