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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where is Padania?

Very angry people assaulted yesterday a group of bikers running the "Padania's Tour".
"Padania does not exist"- they cried against the politicized bikers, all green dressed (the colour of Padania's Political Party: the Lega Party).
I personally don't know if Padania does exist or not; (because I come from the island of Sardinia, proud to be Italian and Sardish) but  I know for sure that so many people from the North of Italy are fed up with a political class very expensive, not honest and unable to govern in a dynamic and useful way.
Still remains the question: where is Padania?
There must be somewhere, if so many people claim freedom in the name of Padania!!
Furthermore: those bikers, where were going through on their tour?
Well, some say that all the north of Italy is Padania; others say only Lombardia, Piemonte and Liguria  can be defined Padania; some more say from Rome upward the very north.
I must say that padania is only in the minds of those Italian who fight against bureacracy, mafia and political corruption.
I don't agree with the Lega Party, but I think their critics are correct.

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