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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Caput Mundi

I'm staying in Rome for a couple of days. Actually I came over for my daughter's Key-Pop flash mob: something which has to do with Korea and Korean contemporary music; nevertheless it's always a pleasure to be in Rome: yet you get too much hot, too much confusion, sometimes even people cheating on giving the wrong change of the money (and that's big shame for Italy e for the Italian people; as usual, a few cheaters make the impression of all Italians being like that; but obviously that's not the truth).
As for the weather you can defend yourself entering one of the many churches; through which you also win over the confusion: being or not a believer you can stay sit down for ten minutes watching the pictures at the walls or meditating on the meaning of the life; as for the cheaters you can be careful when shoppers give back your money on change: check it out very carefully and don't be ashamed to make them notice the mistake; they will just apologize to you.
I'm guest by one of the most ancient hotels in the centre of Rome, in front of the Basilique of Santa Maria degli Angeli, a splendid Church not very far from Colosseum and Fori Imperiali Sight.
For the rest Rome is still very fascinating: one of the best towns in the world if not the very best one: Caput Mundi, as matter of fact.

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