last moon

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mothers of Sardinia

Where do you leave for
flowers of the world
past and future progeny
of Sardinia?

where the wind does not sound
the sweet song 
of your own language;
too far to love you
marvelous Sardinian offspring!

Whom will you be singing to
the pure music of your laugh?
Whom will you be dancing for
the erotic dance
beloved bodies
you Mothers of Sardinia?

What a shame
to see you so far
serving strange people
who don't speak to you
but to give you orders?

You, who had been sitting
in the past long time
in the throne of power
shall I see you again,
Eleonore's daughters,
free on a freed country?

I wish I could only hear you
still singing
to a little child 
an ancient lullaby.

In Villasor of Sardinia
the 25th of June 1983

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