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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let them talk

Lot of people are protesting outside The Stock Exchange of Wall Street in New York. They show all their discontent for the financial crisis which has been increasing in the last three years all over the western countries.
It seems that Police has arrested few of them trying to spare the spontaneous assembly over with unpolite manners (I'm using an euphemism, as matter of fact).
Well, let me say that I  think that people have all the right to show their disappointment against the financial elite of bankers and exchange's who have acted for  with egoistic approuch aiming their personal profit against the midddle and the low classes, who have been paupereted by the speculations and financial movements.
I mean: we all live in the same society; we share the same institutions, the same culture, the same needs, the same dignity but it seems that these peoplethink to be overe everybody's lot.
So they keep enriching themselves against the common interest; I call them the dark side of capitalism.
And please don't tell me I'm a communist; I don't like communism at all; but I think that capitalism must renew itself if it wants to keep being a point of force in the future of western world.

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