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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a breakfast!

Once the meaning of the word "breakfast" was "a quick interval" or " a short time for eating something before working".
Now it seems to have gained another meaning.
As matter of fact to have his 3 kilos breakfast Mr Steven Magee, in Corby,, Northamptonshire (England) spent more than an hour and a half for an amount of 7500 calories!
Let me say that I prefer my cappuccino with a croissant, 'cause I'm in a great hurry on the morning!
But I must confess that long time ago  I used to have bed and butter, bacon and eggs, sausages, baked beans, lot of marmalade, cornflakes and plenty of milk tea! But surely not in that huge amount!!
Well, what else to say?
Best compliments to Mr Magee, who succeeded where 60 people before him had failed!
He's now the new recordman!
But he must be careful! For if he takes such bad habits he's probably going to win another record: the fattest and sickest man in the world!

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