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Sunday, June 18, 2017

One year ago

One year ago (and two days) Jo Cox was shot dead by a right far fanatic who didn't agree her committment in politic and social subjects.
Joanne Cox was a MP for the Labours and when the crazy man assaulted her, she was busy in her Constituency for the coming referendum to decide if UK had to stay or to leave European Union.
As we all know British choose to leave. But this doesn't matter, in the end. I mean that I keep on feeling sentiments of brotherhood to British people though they decided to leave.
The day before yesterday some people have seen their bravery recongnised by great british honours: two policemen and two other people who helped Jo Cox against the blind violence of hate who took her life away. 
A foundation has now been founded in the name of Jo Cox (see the link below).
I don't know if this foundation is also pro European Union but I'm sure it is not against anyone.
And this is what it's important at the best.
 I have not known Jo Cox when she was alive but I know she was for solidarity, brotherhood and friendship all over the world and not only in Europe.
And I still say that London is for ever.

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