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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Someone is smiling somewhere

I apologize in advance with those who voted to leave EU; I know they are the majority, though so  fragile and changeable as politic matters are; nevertheless let me say that the loss of parliamentary seats in the  House of Commons, suffered by the Tories in the last elections, has a meaning that in some way goes against the Brexit; only in some way, I agree, not completely against, for I know even the Labours will be working to manage a definitive leave; of course there is a difference between a hard and reasonable Brexit. 
The gap between the two ways is filled with what is more careable for a left side party: social solidarity; health security; more equal health distribution; public services; social protections for the weak, even if they are continental workers, or simply  foreigner workers.

Democracy, if the word has still a residual meaning, in this society dominated by  financial and multinational powers, means also to give space to different points of view. 
So I still thinking that Great Britain should remain; I still believe European must stick together to face the challenges the world outside is waiting for and UK could play a great role in these challenges on our side. 
I believe it is also on respect of the memory who gave her life to defend the weak, on defending European Union, like MP Joanne  Cox did. 
And I still believe London is forever.

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