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Sunday, July 2, 2017

London for ever - 9

According to a recent survey, reported by the yesterday's Guardian news, 60% of British people want to mantain the EU rights even through Brexit process.
I'm glad of that for I still believe that UK is part o Europe: forst of all from a cultural point of view; but also economically and historically speaking.
I think that we don't have to be afraid of exalting our differences amid the  European memberships (of course I'm generally speaking now, for I know Brexit is hardly a revoking subject at the moment);
I mean that French, Spanish, Germans, Italians, must proud of their specific characters and they never have to neglect them. 
But all together, with our own peculiar specificity, we need to work for a stronger Europe, to be alble to face the challenges in the next decades. First of all we must fill the space will be left by USA in the world wide scenario. Secondly we have to face the new arising econimies: such a giants like China, Brazil, India, SouthAfrica and even Russia itself can't be faced by UK, Germany or France  on their own.
Further more we need British by our side side, with their language, their culture, their experience.
Please, people of Europe, let fall your walls of suspicion and  forget your dreams of greatness. In the globalized world there is no primary role  for small country, how much  full of ancient glory they might be.
We can make a great empire of Europe, but only all toghether.
Politicians fron all over the Europe, great descendants of great leaders, be worthy of your ancestors, and please keep on dreaming with folk and not by yourselves.
And London is still for ever!

9. to be continued...

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