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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Somewhere, Sometimes - III

Third scene


In the Gonare’s throne
Dead twenty years ago
Took seat Itzocare
Instead of my mother

But now the truth
Has to come up
For I’m grow up
And there is now whom is
going to advice me!

People of Nure
I’m going to claim
The scepter belonged
To my father Gonario

And who doesn’t agree
Must know that even up there
As we have heard just now from Bithia
The Moon is not waiting anymore.

 (The two cousins will fight for a few minutes, according to pre-established movements of fighting "Istrumpas (a sort of closer, harder wrestling)". Each phase of the fight will be accompanied by the cries of those present   forming  two factions: one for Damasu, the other in favour of Rumisu. The  struggle ends with Rumisu who sits on the Damasu’s body . As a sign of victory Rumisu shall lift the hands up while still sits on the opponent defeated. The people and all those present, except for close allies of Itzoccar and Anù, will applaud the new King Rumisu!)

Voices  from the crowd
-         Long life for Rumisu!

Voices  from the soldiers
-         Our Gods save  Gonario’s Son!!!

Other  voices
-         Long life for the king of  Nure!

Rumisu (will silence all with a nod of autocracy and hand will lie to her uncle Itzoccar, ripping his stick of command and his mantle; will wear the cloak and then by challenging the stick between new cheers. Rumisu will quiet  all as above )

-         Might the peace be back at Nure for ever. Our command will be based on the ancient laws of our fathers!

Aristea (occupying the centre of the scene)

-         No, Rumisu! Just for those ancient laws I’m in love with Iolao! (Iolao joins Aristea ). I’m not in love with you, nor I love Damasu. Women are not presents to be gained by means of wars like mantels or scepters. Women are  preys of  love.!!!!!!

3. to be continued...

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