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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Somewhere, sometimes - II


 The foresaid and Bithia. This scene is characterized by the singing of Bithia, with means of a solemn rituals in her movements altogether with the four vestals.

Song of  BITHIA

Our great fathers
Appearing  on my dreams
Fore say troubles
For the unpalatable people

And there is Gonario
Who is still regretting
His beloved wife
Left alone on the Earth

But now the moon
For the last time
Is going to obscure the sun
For its own reasons!

No weddings, no sons
Don’t try to obtain
Until when the stars
Will oppose to you

Our great fathers
Appearing  on my dreams
Fore say troubles
For the unpalatable people

(While Bithia, always in trance, will start to the exit of the scene, by the people come forth voices of protest)

         - Has anybody heard? The stars make opposition to any kind of weddings!!!

Damasu (parting  from the Group of noble and then showing his weapons will seek to harangue the people against Nakigia and Bithia’s prophecies)
         - Our King and our Majors are more important than the stars. Men of  Nure,   are we or are the women on charge here???

Elki (running close to Damasu)
         - The King’s son is right!  The Moon’s Gods are very far, behind the sea! In  Nure has come the time for the men to take on the command!

         - Long life for the king Itzocar and for the men of Nure!

(from the crowd  someone joins the cries of Anù. But Rumisu, with a cry of rage,   occupies the center of the stage, shutting everyone up ).

         - People of  Nure! Listen to me!!! If are the men on charge, and the king himself, then I’ll tell you that I’m the true king!!!!

         - You???

         - Certainly! Just me, the  Gonario’s son!!!

         - And then, leave off the ground. This is a matter for men!

(Everybody will leave the center stage in two contenders! Rumisu will sing his song  and immediately after the two cousins will fight  together)

2. to be continued...

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