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Thursday, November 3, 2016

London for ever

You can say what you want about London; That's too chaotic is true; the wheather is not good for most of the year along; the pollution, specially in the central areas is still at an high level,  and the cost of the life, well, leave off 'cause is much better.

Nevertheless London plays a very strong appeals for a lot of people,  if is true, as it is true, that its population is all the time increasing; you can see buldings yards everywhere, expanding the borders of the town ever and ever.

And so, why is London a place of so much interest?

Well I cann't be very impartial answering the question 'cause London for me represents a  special place of the memory.

I've lived there when I was a young man. Nothing out of ordinary. But in those far years I found there a shelter for my troubled soul; there I found a job: very hard at the beginning but lighter and brighter with the  increasing of experience.

London is a great mother, strict but fair, who receives anyone and pays to anyone his own tribute.

I've been there in the past few days, after almost four decades from my first journey.

It has been exciting to be in again.

Though I'm another man now, so different from that young boy full of dreams, naive and idealist, who searched at the time a inexistent  world, I must recognise that London is still a beatiful town.

In the following posts I'll point out details and circustances which make it so beautiful.

1. to be continued...

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