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Saturday, November 19, 2016

London for ever - 2

London has got a lot of things to see. That's why you need to know how excellent are the London's transports. Let's say that the best way is to subscribe an Oyster card. It's a very cheap card and thanks to it you can use both the tube and the double deckers, what I call the two big monsters in the London transport system.
The tube is something unthinkeable and not imaginable if you don't see try it personally. It covers all the 33 boroughs on which London is spread. At any time the trains pass by to collect the passengers and carry them wherever they like to go. The most important stations are connected with the airports: Victoria to Heatrhow; Liverpool station to Stansted; Kings Cross to Luton and Gatwick. But if you need to buy a ticket dont'worry about, plenty of staff  are ready to help you. And if your bank has a convention with London Royal Transport you can even pay your fare by simply  swipping your credit card in the entrance and the exit gate.
I personally prefer the double deckers. In many towns in the world tourists are offered  to visit the sorroundings by hiring a panoramic bus and paying for it the right fare (which might cost you from five up to twenty pounds for the ticket. In London you don't have such a cos. Every single double decker bus has a panoramic sight form the uplevel stage. So you can go anywhere, and enjoy the sorrounding pitches without any overcharge but paying only the simple fare.

2. to be continued...

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