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Sunday, November 27, 2016

London for ever - 3

Despite of  its high cost rating of life, London free time can be considered cheaper than other great europeans capitals like Rome, Madrid and Paris on regard of spending your free time.

First of all let's mention  newspapers and magazines. Well they mihgt be considered the first step of employing your free time. Not only because reading is leisure time par excellence, but also because in papers and magazines you can find how to spend better your leisure time.

If you have follow me in the previous articles on London, you have already acquired the great importance that the underground transports (the famous Tube) have in London. Well, in all the Tube's stations you can find daily free papers as good level such as Evening Standard, Metro and CityAM.

Furthermore, now, you can even found the topic enjoying magazine for free: I'm talking about TimeOut, the historical, most ancient and best magazine for shows, events, rendez-vous and anythingelse going on in London.

We must also say that all the biggest museums in London are free: we quote one for all: "the British Museum". Do I need to say more about?

And now Theaters. In London there a lot of theaters for all tastes and any kind of shows: prose and classical  dramas, opera houses, musicals, movies, ethnical and anything else. And some of them are even free.

Personally I remember  a Hamlet representation in the late seventies.

My first love in theatre has been Shakespeare, though the first drama I have read of his, is The Tempest.

But Hamlet has made me think about the real importance of life.

I wanted to attend a school drama in London, when the odd events of life took me far away from there.

But there is  still time to dream over in London!

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