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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My heart is sad

My  heart is sad. I've read of a man who didn't accept his wife studying for a degree and who has cut off her right hand five fingers to stop her. I ask my self "why?".
Why a man has to act in such a savage, uncivilized manner?
How can a man do such a thing to the woman he loves?
How can a man do such a thing to another living being?
Not even to an animal can be done such an horrible mutilation!
I feel the shame to be a man; 'cause this man is part of our world; he comes from the same place we come; he's part of our way of behaving: he fears facing women's emancipation like many of us do; he was born from a woman like we were!
But I still feel the shame to be a man!

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