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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Freedom and Religion

Two thousand years ago, died on the first Christian martyr,Stephen, then made ​​a saint, who is celebrated the day afterChristmas.

After then,  died  millions in the name of Christ, thrown to the lions, quartered, roasted, peeled, tortured, stoned, imprisoned,burned, impaled, crucified, beheaded, simply deprived  of their freedom and life because they believed in Christ.

The last 35 christian martyrs were Nigerians and  were killed in the day when we celebrate the incarnation of God in  Jesus,  The greatest gift of God to men.

It 'sad to hear that stillsome men are killed for  religious beliefs.

Perhaps it is time that all the Churches come together to reaffirm definitively that God is one, no matter how you call Him. And each,while maintaining its theological and doctrinal peculiarities,  recognizes the others  the right to worship God in the manner deemed most appropriate, without a right to arrogate to themselves the divine monopoly behind which many men actually hide their lust for power.

From my point of view, I see Christ in his manger, helpless, come to bring peace and love, and crucified himself, the symbol and witness to the freedom to profess a creed without wanting to impose anything on anyone.

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