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Saturday, December 10, 2011

After St John 6, 51-58

Quatrains ABAB

“ I’m the living bread from heaven
If anyone eats of this bread
He’ll live for ever and ever.
This bread is my flesh which instead

I’ll give for the life of the world”
Then the Jews began to argue
Sharply among themselves: “ How could
This man give us his flesh to eat?”

The Son of Man told: “ I’ tell you
The truth, unless you eat Jesus’s
Flesh and drink His blood, you have no
Life in yourself. Whoever eats

My flesh and drinks  my blood he has
Eternal life and I will raise
Him up at the last day. Because
My flesh is real food and my blood’s

Real drink. Whoever eats my flesh
And drinks my blood remains in me
And I in him. Just as the fresh
Father sent me I’m living

Because of the Father, so those
Who feed on me will live grace for
Of me. This is the bread not close
To that manna eaten by your

Forefathers whose life did render
This bread came down from heaven and
Who feeds it will live for ever
Each pity through It being emend!

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