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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whom does Coco belong to?

 Coco is a beautiful and very clever african grey parrot who can sing "O sole mio" as well as did the great Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti.
He was taught to sing several Italian songs and many English words by his former Italian owner Angelo Ferlazzo; but when his first marriage split off he went back to Italy leaving his parrot on custody to his former wife who gave the witt parrot to the Pet Corner in Harlow.
-" We bought the parrot in good faith so many years ago"- declared the Chairman of the Pet Corner to the Judge" and  the property is undoubtly ours. Furthermore it would be a great stress for Coco to leave a friendly place where he has become a really star and the best attraction for the kids and for their parents!"
But Mr Ferlazzo does not to chenge his mind: hearing his friend Coco singing after so many years moved on him a great emotion and now he needs strongly to rejoyce with him.
But for the present time the singing parrot stays at the Centre.
Who knows what would be the next Mr Ferrazzo's move?
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