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Monday, November 1, 2010

First International Singers Contest On Line

Maria Aleida Rodriguez
I want  to give the right  space to the first international singers on line contest organized by Musicamore Tiscali  Blog from Italy.

 Today the winners were announced by the jury,  whose I was a an effective member.
No matter who were the winnersin the different sections,  I  hope to find some talent who  can be able to  play the characters in my  musicals, the last one of which
 " S'Urtima Jana"is going to be  to represented in  Bulgaria  with my students.

Of course, with some talents, I need to find    the sponsors. My previous Musical "Afora Sos Sardos" was represented in Madrid in 2008. They are both set in Sardinia and are very closely tied up with the history of the island of Sardinia. So I think that should be the local governement to provide the financial means to produce   in Cagliari, both works.

The first place was given by the jury to the beautiful voice of Simona Collu  Here is the link to access his winning video.

In  the opera singers's  section, the  jury gave the award to an  extraordinary artist. A very extensive soprano voice, a real phenomenon. This is the Venezuelan

Two days ago the same competition had two other successful artists, but this time was the public on line to vote and to decide  the winners. They were  the soprano

and   the young, wonderful voice from  Philippinean Islands

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