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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just give peace a chance

I couldn't realize why the Beatles had split off. They were my best group and I was a Lennon's fan. I was just a young boy but I liked "The Plastic Ono Band". Then I heard an interview on the BBC radio. Lennon confessed to have reached the sane equilibrium with and thanks to Yoko. He had stopped smoking and drinking and taking drugs. He had left the group, in the first senties, because  he had realized that most of people around them were robbing the group's profits. And most of all he wanted to be free. he was a real artist and like all the artists he lived some contradictions; like when he said he din't like capitalism but he did live as a capitalist. But he was a mith to me: his pacifism, his music, his ideals were also mines. 'See you John, where ever your spirit might be! Who knows if you are in that Heaven you told us not believe in!

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