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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are eternal

Carlos Santana is a great guitar player. The Magazine Rolling Stone places him at the 15th best guitar player of any time. I add, by myself, that may be is the best living guitar player.
And he's also a great spirit. He believes we are energy which never dies; though he does not believe in religions.
Once I also used to follow this sort of "New Ages", born after the great sixties' spiritual movements (like the sons of the flowers, hippie's movements and things like that).
Of course I left them all behind me, after discovering the greatness of Jesus who came on the earth to die for us and to give us the eternal life.
Keep on playing your guitar Carlos; I hope one day, far away in the time, you'll be playing for the Angels, in the Heaven, 'cause I know your spirit is a good one.

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