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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Like a film story

Sound really like a movie-story the facts narrated  in  the autobiography of the Rolling Stones's guitarrist Keith Richards as DM on line reports today (please see the link below ).
Standing to that report, in the late sixties the MI6 (all together with a specialized sction of the the american FBI) asked a quick wit man, named at that time David Sneiderman, to join the british rock group in order to set them to the Justice through the provider of different drugs (specially acids, from which the informant has been named since then King Acid).
As matter of fact the man, died in 2004, became the best Rolling Stones 's dealer and organized with his employers a trap in the Keith Richards's house in Redlands during a heavy drug party he had adequately provided.
When the Police ran in the house, King Acid was not in.
-"He was the only one to escape the arrest"- reminds Keith Richards in his book- " and that's why, since then, I've been quite sure he had been the police's informant!".
Now I understand the reason why in those years I liked better the Beatles.
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