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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Poem of Creation - Second Part

Continues from Monday, February the 8th 2010 - God, after creating all the animals, does want to make the man in His image and likeness!

The World’s Creation
“Fly off all birds”- said God- “freely in the air
And splash about in to sea any fish;
Graze lambs, calves and livestock everywhere
In grassy lawns that will never languish;
Grow up any reptiles fair and unfair,
living beings either monstrous or polish!”
After the earth had all animals found
God said to them to multiply around.

And finally He said: - “ Let’s make now man
In our image and likeness, every
And each animal to lead on command!”
After doing that He rested quietly.
Henceforward, after six days, on the land
man, on the seventh, stays steady Godly,
being it consecrated for prairie and rest,
Both the last hours and also the first!

But the Creation was not yet complete
Still being missed the breath of the Animator
Who can transform into a giant a bit!
Waters from earth going up by Creator
To mist all over the ground were admit
So could mould the man God the Great Factor
and by that divine blow the man was made
but nevertheless, he still lonely stayed. be continued.....

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