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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mind the jab!

It seems the time has come for men to do their part in the contrapcetive matters.

After testing 80 couples in Edinburgh Dr Richard Anderson says the male pill will be soon ready under the form of two injections every two months.

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British couples are taking part in trials of a male contraceptive jab said to be as effective as the Pill.
Doctors believe it will liberate women from the burden of family planning by letting partners share responsibility.
Professor Richard Anderson, who is heading one of two year-long trials, said: ‘A lot of women may think it’s time men took their turn.’
The news will also be welcomed by women worried about the Pill’s links to breast cancer and fatal blood clots.

The drawback is that it depends on men making regular trips to their GP - and women trusting them to do so. Studies have shown that many men would also welcome a male jab or pill, while increasing the types of contraception available could help cut unplanned pregnancies.
But the shift in responsibility also raises the possibility of pregnant women trying to sue their former partners.
Sixty couples in Manchester and 20 in Edinburgh are taking part in the trials, part of intensive global research.

The contraceptive, given in two injections every two months, tricks the brain into shutting off sperm production.
It contains the male sex hormone testosterone and a man-made version of the female sex hormone progesterone and when the brain senses them, it reduces the levels of other hormones which control sperm production and maturation.
Doctors say it is effective in 99 per cent of cases and sperm counts should rapidly return to normal once the injections are stopped.

The jab is one of several male contraceptives being developed by drug companies eager for a share of the £20billion-plus spent globally each year on the female Pill.
Professor Anderson, of the University of Edinburgh, believes the jab will prove popular with both sexes.

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