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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beyond the Hadrian Wall

Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon has called for a new referendum on Scotland leaving the UK. 
That's a straight consequence of  premier May triggering the article 50 of European Treaty in order to drive UK out of EU ( the so called Brexit). 
Edinborough does not want to leave Bruxelles and Scottish people want to remain in the European Union. 
As matter of fact the large majority of Scots voted for remaining in the june referendum last year. 
So London risks to pay a very high price leaving EU. 
But if Edinborough succeeds on its idea of breaking the unity with London, then we will have to say that English have succeeded where even the Roman Empire had failed: joining the Caledonian lands to the western civilised countries, while England will remain off the Hadrian Wall.
 I ask my English friends if it is worth all this.
 Please, put apart your pride and come back on your steps. 
EU needs to be changed from inside. 
We need London staying with us. We want Scotland staying within. 
Can anyone do anything to stop an odd and casual disaster like Brexit seems to be? 
Anyway, London will be in my heart for ever.

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