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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

London for ever - 8

I've read a lot about the terrorist attack, last wednesday, on Westminsterbridge.
When I was in  London, a few decades ago, I felt like living a city full of humanity, full of respect.
Since then, London is still in my heart. A wound made to London it's therefore an offence to my heart.
London has been mother and father at the same time, and all the londoners (I mean all the people who live in London) are my friends.
I used to work and study in London. 
Like anywherealso in the world there are good people and peolple living over there.
I mostly met good people: mannered persons, gentle women, nice friends.
And soon after, every place has got its own genius loci.
The geniuses living in London are all good ones.
As far as London keeps on welcomeing all the good people searching a better life, granting them a new chance of life, those geniuses won't go away from its streets, from its banks, from his parks, from its public houses.
The Evil may be will try again to drive them away, but it won't succeed.
You are a pride for the world my London.
And please,  be what you are for ever.

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