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Saturday, December 10, 2016

London for ever- 4

London is a word of six letters. But how many Londons do exist?
Each one of us has got its own London on his heart.
Still there is a London of great Hotels, made of excellent shopping, top of reastaurants and parties on old mansions, full of glory and history though I might suppose not all the hosts would understand where they are really celebreting their or someone's top life.
There is a London of young hostels, very crowded, full of emotions, of expectations, full of love.
There is a London in front of  following pints of tasteful lagers wherein to forget the sorrows of life.
And the London of busy people in search of honest and rich profits, in the city or in the west; and also the London of dirty profits, lascars and moneypickers, thieves and scroungers.
Whatelse you can add, and there is surely a lot to add, all these palpitateing souls are accommodated in the same large sorroundigs we use to call London.
And London is for ever.
4. bo be continued...

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