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Friday, June 26, 2015

Are males better than females?

The never solved question has recently rised in scope chess and aroused an outcry as GM's UK player Nigel Short was quoted to declare that men are more suitable than females on playing chess.

The quarrel is ancient like humanhood. Nigel Short, as matter of fact, said he was misunderstood as ho wanted just say the men and women are different and act with different skills, sometimes superiors to those of men.

According to a recent  scientific report in Pennsylvania University, women usually work with both brain's hemispheres while men seem to privilige the right hemisphere.

Personally  I think that both sexes do excel in something and that they are simply complentary one each other.

It's a useless competition try to make a rank of classification to establish which one is the better.

Eventually never forget that between the two litigants has the third, as the proverb says.

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