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Monday, June 22, 2015

Chess mirror of life

It seems that also in Chessgame people are loosing the path of the ancient roman Ulpiano's maxim "honeste vivere et neminem laedere".

Leo Benedictus takes opportunity from an unpleasant occasion, which recently took place in Abu Dhabi, during the international chess tournement, to make a subtle analysis of both contemporanean society and chess GM's way of life.

The matter is related with the use (and with the abuse) of elettronical machines and sophisticated tools such as i-pads, i-phones,mobile telephones and various computering machines which so much have spread anywhere, in schools and working places, changing so deeply our habits.

Of course we agree with him when he says we must keep on going on a right behaviour in our day's competences, as well as in sports or in freetimes activicties, though is more and more difficult to do.

For those who love chess, furthermore, is not pleasant to see the cheateangs and frauding are affecting also playgames and sports.

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