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Monday, December 9, 2013

The devil tempts Jesus in the desert

From Chapter 4 of Saint Mathew's Gospel
VV 1-11

In that time the Spirit pushed
Jesus in the desert where the demon
 Proved Him. For forty days resisted

Jesus Christ, with fast and preaches,
the hunger and the thirst! Then He was hungry.
-    “Why don't you turn in flour of mintage

these stones?” The weaver of lusts
said! –“Not only of bread lives
the man, but of every word which

comes from God it's written!” -, Jesus answered!
He was conducted to the Temple of the City

and Satan still tried Him: - “Throw yourself down,
and ask your angels to hold  You up
because it's written he doesn't have to bump against a stone
his foot'”–“Between the true writings

there is”–Jesus answered to  Satan–
“Don’t try your God and your Lord!”
Again Belzeboo, above the tallest rock

conducted him, tempting Him again.
He showed all the kingdoms of the world to Him,
with their glory and their honor

and  said: “If you worship me
all these things I will give to you!”
But Jesus answered: “Go away dirty thing!

It's written  that You'll worship only Your God
And only to Him you will make your cult!”
Then the devil had  to surrender,

going away without anymore insult.
And the angels approached Him
serving Him of any need!

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