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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The life of Giuseppe Garibaldi - 5th Part

 The  11th  fébruary 1834, he's supposed to  participate to the  insurrectionnal mazzinian movement in the  Gênoa's arsenal; this one is meant to be jointed  with the général Ramorino's   military opération in  Piédmont in order to overthrow  the savoia's monarchy.

Garibaldi disembarks to take a  contact with the mazziniens, but the failure of Ramorino's revolt  in Piedmont and the police's alert cause the flop of the all opération.

The young hero, not going back  on bord of the Comte of Geneys, is to be considéréd like a déserter. Identified as one of the bosses of  conspiration, he's sentenced to death  by default, and considered enemy  against the Country and the State itself.

Garibaldi becomes then a« criminal ». He quickly repairs  to Nice, and afterwards crosses the  frontièr to joint Marseille, guest of his friend Giuseppe Pares.

He changes his name as Joseph Pane; on june he embarks direct to the Black Sea, and on march 1835 he's in Tunis.

 On june 1835 he joints the Jeune Europe, a mazzinien association, taking as nick name Borel,  in the memory of a  martyr of the révolutionnary cause.

Italy has become for him inaccessible because of his death sentence, that's why he starts looking for further horizons. An opportunity comes to him: the brigantin Nautonier commandéd by the Capitaine Beauregard is directed to  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  The 8th of septembre 1835, Garibaldi embarks in Marseille, under the name of Joseph Pane: he will arrive to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil on novembre of the same year. be continued...

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