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Monday, July 30, 2012

The story of the 3 elephants

Once  upon a time, in the jungle of India, lived three little elephant  called Tanèmi, Kangèpi and Shiva. These three  cubs always played together: they used to play  hide and seek, the guessing game, or making circles, linking to each other with their long trunks.

One day it happened that Shiva, the smallest of the three cubs, losing his balance, fell into a hole in the ground, injured his right front leg with the sharp blade of a sword that some thieves had hidden in that hole along with other valuables, the spoils of a robbery they had consumed against the powerful Raja Betankur.The 
deep wound,  caused the poor little elephant, such a  great pain that he uttered a sharp and prolonged trumpet which shook the ground so strongly that  it is said that people from the nearby village of  Laicòn poured out of their huts thinking that this was an imminent earthquake's signal.The two brothers, passed the initial moments of shock and fear,  decided to go to the Shailesh's house,   a famous doctor's animals vet who had his own house on the edge of the jungle. So, after building the best shelter for the poor Shiva, galloped up to the doctor's house, whose door, with their  trunks, energetically rubbed their anxious restlessness.Dr Shailesh was quick to understand, and prepared his bag, was quickly  loaded on the rump by Kangèpi and conducted in a gallop on the site of the accident.When they arrived it was already night: full moon lit up the small coin where Shiva,  was lying on a soft carpet of leaves, moaning softly, now semiunconscious because of the large amount of blood that gushed from the incisive wound.Dr Shailesh deftly washed the wound with sterile water, and he disinfected after  applying an ointment coagulant, covered it with large banana leaves, so that the bandage wrapped tightly around below, would not cause him pain at the bending off time.After the operation, the  good vet, looking all around to pick up away the tools in his bag, he was attracted by a glint in the foliage. Tanèmi, who had guessed where was  directed  Shailesh's attention, blew with his trunk all the surrounding area, thus exposed a deep hole, where, along with a sword drenched in the blood of Shiva,  they found the precious jewels ruby and sapphire stolen from the Raja, for the discovery which he had promised a reward of thirty guineas of gold.Placed in a bag that stolen stuff the doctor had himself driven to the Royal Palace, and woke up the Raja himself, told him the facts accurately, giving all the credit of the discovery to his friends elephants. Nevertheless, his selflessness, earned him the prize money while the Raja ordered that the three elephants were housed during life, in the royal stables and offices without fatigue. Shiva, delivered at the Royal Palace the same night on a huge litter drawn by six pairs of white horses, sat in a few weeks, coming back stronger and more cheerful than before. And the three friends lived happily for the rest of their days.

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