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Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Vision of Isaiah

Listen to me, you, powerful men of the Earth!
You owe weapons and soldiers all around
You have plenty of army for the war,

Through which you would like to dominate the world!
You crave the power, the money, the gold
And every wealth the earth contains !

And every fame, every glory, the honours!
Be careful people full of inequity!
Do you really think are useful your prairies in the Temples

And those gestures of pretended holiness?
Why do you walk in those holy grounds
Mixing crime and solemnity?

You Judges crawling behind
men with no justice,
oppressors of widows and orphans

your immodesty has already
devastated your country;
from your body the dirtiness

gushes out free from extended bands;
your hands are stilling blood,
your cities are turned on by the fire!

The head is sick and the heart is feeble!
Go on to discuss with the Lord
And your sin will be bloodless,

if docile will be your heart!
This way God has spoken
Through his servant Isaiah!

copyright by Ignazio Salvatore Basile's Poem of Creation-2000

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