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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Christ weeps tears of blood

Usually is the Mother to ooze tears of blood, as happened in Civitavecchia (close to Rome) where the Pope John Paul II Himself seems to have given confirmation of authenticity.

But this time, in the province of Tucuman, north-east Argentina, is the statue of Christ who has seen weeping blood's tears.

Of course the Church is very cautious in such cases because in the past, very often, it has been found out either visionary or cheating people behind these phenomena.

At the moment, what is sure is that a moltitude of people have flown over to visit the Oratory of Yerba Buena, where the alleged bleeding image of Christ is located, in such a number that the priest had to celebrate the Holy Mass on the adiacent streets.

Pilgrims besiege church to see 'blood' run from image of Christ

By Simon Caldwell

Thousands of pilgrims have overwhelmed a small church in Argentina after blood was said to be oozing down the face of an image of Jesus Christ.

A red substance was photographed running from the forehead of Jesus and down his cheek in a church depiction of the Last Supper.

Local priest Father Jorge Gandur said the 'ooze comes from one of the wounds on the left side of the forehead of Christ produced by the crown of thorns'.

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