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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nobody more than a mother

Nobody can love somebody more than a mother.
The statement has found a confirmation in the happy story of a heart-swap woman who has carried on her pregnancy despite the doctors had predicted an high risk for her life!
Best wishes for a long and happy life to the new mum and her wonderful son!

Read more on this on DM on line news by the link below:
Heart-swap mother's joy after having 'miracle' baby that doctors said would kill her

By Lucy Laing

As Rebecca Radford lay recovering from a heart transplant after being given only two weeks to live, she was told she would never be a mother.

She had had the operation at the age of only 23, but doctors had also given her some devastating news - the strain of any pregnancy would be too much for her new heart.

Then in May last year, only two years after her transplant, she discovered she was pregnant. If she chose to carry on with it she risked her new heart failing - which could cost her her life.

She said: 'I am just so grateful to the family who donated my heart. It has saved one life and created another too.'

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