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Saturday, May 27, 2017

After seven centuries

I take a part to an international competition: the storytelleruk2017 with Amazon.
I feel so   excited! It's the first time I participate in such a contest.
I entered the competition with a drama: "Travelling in the space-time with Virgil".
In my story Virgil and Dante meet again, somewhere in the space, after almost 700 hundreds years.
Virgil will lead Dante in the spacetime with his spaceship, from the Hell's damnation till the delight of Paradise.
I must say that in the competiton there are so many great books. Most of them are thrillers, spystories, historical romances, fictions and novels.Very few are the dramas and the poem's books.
Next time, maybe,  I will participate with an historical romance.
The present work is the first I have straightly  indited in English. I've published in English before, but mostly of my previous books had been translated from italian language into English (apart for some poems which have been composed directly in English).
I hope you'll find the time to take a look to my book, expressing you personal review through the link showed below.
I thank you all so much for the time you'll be spending on my literary efforts.

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