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Thursday, December 29, 2016

London for ever - 5

What a shame has been Brexit! Of course I respect the decision of British people, though is not a fluke that Londoners majority have voted for  "Remain".
And how could it have been differently?
Surely the "genius loci" hidden in the old stones has drived the voters' minds for remaining.
Aren't you,  London,  the capital of our dreams?
Haven't you been, at least in the last four decades,  our shelter and salvation?
Haven't we searched on You for our lives of destiny?
Yes, we have come your paths for fate, London, attracted by your music, your art, your leisure.
And we have searched our sense of life through the misty streets, in the smoky pubs, in the busy  working days.
That's why I say London for ever.

5. to be continued...

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