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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Love from Cornwall - 2

Dear George,
 thank you very much for your letter and photograph. I think you look very sweet.

 I have a friend called Carol who would like an Italian boy penfriend. If you know anyone who would like an english girl penfriend (aged about 15), please send me his name and adress and i will give them to Carol. She will be very happy, because she hopes he will be as handsome, as she says, you are.

I must change my handwriting now, because my father does not like the former style. Do not think that you have a different penfriend, or something. It's still Elem (Lee) writing to you.

I have been swimming a lot lately and i have been taking the people for whom I work to the beach.

Do you realise that our letters take about eight days to reach their destination?

I'm working in a shop all the holydays. it sells shoes, clothes, and all kinds of golfing equipments and the people there are very nice.

Tomorrow we finish school for seven weeks.

August 25th there is a big party in a large field. all the money goes to the Church. I have been chosen to paint all the notices.

Do you like to sing? At Christmas time I am alaways chosen to sing in a church service. I think that singing is for enjoyment. but my parents seem to think it is nice for me to sing and so I do.

I hope you like this postcard of Rock. the golf course is a little behind the trees.

Reply soon, Love Elem.

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