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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love from Cornwall - 1

Dear friend, thank you very much for your lovely letter which I enjoyed reading very much, (I understand your French very well), and for your photograph and postcards.

Sardegna is very pretty and i am very interested in it.

I have only one sister. She is 13 years old and is called Katherin, but I usually call her Kate. I have no brothers.

I am sorry I can not send you a photograph of my self yet, but i have  longer hair than I did last summer, but I promise to send you one as soon as possibile.

I attend a grammar school. I am in the 4th year and Katherin in in the 2nd year.

This term we do much athletics. I love athletics and we have a beautiful green sports field.

We do not learn golf at school but I work for a golf professional and his wife, who not having any children, treat me like their daughter and teach me free of charge.

I hope you like Rock beach. We live near this beach and it is very beautiful. There is a sailing club there.

Well, I hope you can understand this letter. If you cannot, tell me, and I will write in French.

Reply soon.

Love from Elem.

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